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The total database as of end of phase 2 includes 4100 cases from 11 different countries. The 12 data providers that delivered data for it are: VUFO GmbH and BASt (Germany), Applus IDIADA Group (Spain and Czech Republic), Uni Firenze (Italy), Uni Adelaide (Australia), JP Research (India), NHTSA (USA), LAB (France), SAFER (Sweden), VSI at Graz University of Technology (Austria) and SHUFO (China), see also figure below. CATARC as an additional data provider from China has joined the project from phase 3 on. There are also additional promising data providers planned for the third phase of the project. An in-depth data project has recently started in Brazil and has already been accepted as a new data provider for phase 3. This opens up access to accident data in South America as a new continent for the project. Just like SHUFO in China, it is a data spot that natively collects IGLAD data right from the beginning.

Merged Data for Phase 1, 2 and first year of 3 (2017)

Data years: 2007-2016
Number of accidents: 4950

Description of yearly datasets included in the merged dataset picture above

Phase 3 2017 dataset

Data years: 2015-2016
Number of accidents: 850 

Phase 2 2016 dataset*

Data years: 2014-2015
Number of accidents: 900 

 Phase 2 2015 dataset*

Data years: 2013-2014
Number of accidents: 850

Phase 2 2014 dataset*

Data years: 2012-2013
Number of accidents: 800

Description of Phase 1 dataset*

Data years: 2007-2012
Number of accidents: 1550
Number participants: 2875
Number occupants: 3902
Number safety systems: 10736


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