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IGLAD was initiated in 2010 by European car manufacturers and is an initiative for harmonisation of global in-depth traffic accident data to improve road and vehicle safety. A database containing accident data according to a standardised data scheme that enables comparison between datasets from different countries is every year extended with around 900-1000 cases. The first phase of the project was funded by the European Automobile Manufacturer's Association (ACEA). Phase II started 2014 and phase III  2017 and is based on member fees to the IGLAD consortium. The Phase II data contains 93 variables regarding the accidents, roads, participants (vehicles or VRUs), occupants and safety systems. A few variables have been added after Phase I to improve the quality.

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Updated 27/03/2019
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IGLAD - Initiative for the global harmonisation of accident data • www.iglad.net • Contact: ines.heinig@chalmers.se • +46-(0)31-772 2826
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