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Since its start in late 2011 the IGLAD project (Initiative for the GLobal harmonization of Accident Data) has come a long way. While national statistics often provide basic data on a very high and aggregated level,     in-depth data provide details about single cases, their environment, participants, collisions, injuries and safety systems. However, comparison  of in-depth data between countries is very difficult because data collection and format is different. A common codebook has been developed in   IGLAD during the last years that provides a well-defined and simple layer that serves as a common denominator for the participating databases.    The current database consists of 7000 cases from 12 different countries and provide comparable in-depth accident data on an international level. 800-1000 cases are added each year. IGLAD with its 23 international partners is coordinated by SAFER.

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Updated 06/05/2021
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